Decision-Making in a Contextof Uncertainty


Abdelbaki L. Decision-Making in a Contextof Uncertainty. 12th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference [Internet]. 2020 :151-156.


Abstract The decision process is considered as the key element for the smooth
behavior of systems. For non-complex or linear systems, this process usually follows
clear rules or requirements, so that the decision will be easy to make without any
difficulty. In the case of complex (non-linear) systems, the decision-making process
is repeatedly challenged problems because of the interactions of several factors at
the same time and because of the hazards characterizing these factors. This situation
will worsen further if the system goes out of its normal operating range to fall into
uncertainty. In this paper,wewill try tomake our contribution, to arrive at simplifying
the decision-making process, while playing on human factors (ability, anticipation,
risk-taking, etc.). As this process can be improved by the development of intelligent
decision support tools.
Keywords Decision process · Complex systems · Intelligent decision support
tools · Rules and prescriptions · Decision making

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