ANN Modeling of a Smart MEMS-based Capacitive Humidity Sensor


Souhil KOUDA, Zohir D, Samir B, Abdelghani D, Fayçal M. ANN Modeling of a Smart MEMS-based Capacitive Humidity Sensor. International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems [Internet]. 2011;9 (1) :197-202.


This paper presents a design of a smart humidity sensor. First we begin by the modeling of a Capacitive MEMS-based humidity sensor. Using neuronal networks and Matlab environment to accurately express the non-linearity, the hysteresis effect and the cross sensitivity of the output humidity sensor used. We have done the training to create an analytical model CHS “Capacitive Humidity Sensor”. Because our sensor is a capacitive type, the obtained model on PSPICE reflects the humidity variation by a capacity variation, which is a passive magnitude; it requires a conversion to an active magnitude, why we realize a conversion capacity/voltage using a switched capacitor circuit SCC. In a second step a linearization, by Matlab program, is applied to CHS response whose goal is to create a database for an element of correction “CORRECTOR”. After that we use the bias matrix and the weights matrix obtained by training to establish the CHS model and the CORRECTOR model on PSPICE simulator, where the output of the first is identical to the output of the CHS and the last correct its nonlinear response, and eliminate its hysteresis effect and cross sensitivity. The three blocks; CHS model, CORRECTOR model and the capacity/voltage converter, represent the smart sensor.

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